*Children from 0 to 4 years stay free of charge. Children over 13 years old is considered an adult.

Unno Spa is an invitation for the encounter with the integral well-being of mind, body and spirit, conditioned to offer an experience of beauty, relaxation and renovation through an exclusive list of house treatments and services, specially designed to provide sensations of calm and total recovery.

Take a moment to relax with our Unno massage or wrap yourself in seaweed. Feel and enjoy the experience, disconnecting completely from the routine and by getting in touch with yourself.


Our hours of operation are from monday to sunday from 10:00 – 20:00.


Exfoliations and Wraps

Wonderful body rituals for skin care, ideal to stimulate circulation, detoxify the body and energize the spirit. Wrap yourself in an experience of emulsions, aromas and sensations that will make you enjoy the well-being and natural benefits in your skin.

Bay salt exofoliation

Noninvasive technique that frees the skin of dead cells and impurities prevents skin aging , activating circulation.

Salt with passion frui exfoliation

Treatment in vitamin C, helps strengthen the skin by removing dead cells.

Grape Wrapping

Grapes contain a powerful antioxidant that stops the cellular ageing and increases the cellular vitality.

Chocolate theraphy

Wonderful technique that revitalizes , relaxes and prevents cell aging to improve our health is an excellent antide pressant and antiestres.

Reducing treatment

The reducing massage helps the body generating heat, which makes the adipose tissue breakdown the fat; and increasing oxygen in the zone

Bay mud

Exclusive treatment that promotes epidermal regeneration, nourishing the body skin , improving tone, thanks to the contribution of minerals and trace elements that gives us the thermal mud, always maintaining the appearance of healthy skin.


Disconnect yourself and enjoy a selection of massages designed in a private atmosphere. Revitalize your spirit and fill yourself with energy by experiencing exotic scents and aromas that complement our services.


Soft and relaxing massage with slow and toning exercises accompanied by a comfortable environment that helps to reduce your stress, making a body balance.

Deep Tissue

Focused therapy that relieves muscle aches, achieving adecquate oxygenation of the muscles, helping to relieve Deep tension.


Therapeutic technique of finger pressure on the foot, where different parts of the body are reflected and, therefore, with indirect massaging, stimulate the body´s own self-healing mechanisms.

Colca gems massage

Therapy that uses soft temperated stones arranged on energy points “chakras” along the body, with the objective of restoring the energy balance.

Sacrum massage

Craniosacral massage that relieves mind and soul through subtle rhythmic pulsations in back, shoulders, neck and scalp, making a physical and mental balance.

Pregnancy massage

Soft movements, which help in eliminating stress, relieve pain; improve Circulation, creating a sweet moment of tenderness with your baby.

Lymphatic drainage

Soft and delicate massage which stimulates circulation, helping to eliminate toxins.


Ancient massage technique where the use of digital pressure fights the imbalance of body and spirit.

Facial Treatments

Our facial treatments are totally personalized, proposing a unique approach to skin care. After a consultation with one of our expert beauticians, you can enjoy the rejuvenation, beauty, hydration and firmness of your face.

Facial for him or her

Exclusive treatment for him or her , a direct pass to a balanced, clean and healthy skin. Regulating the hydrolipid protective barrier. ( Skin PH ) recovered its freshness and health, leaving as a result a clean and smooth skin.

Facial rejuvenation with vitamin C

Antioxidant, regenerating, moisturizing and highlightning. Rejuvenating effects thanks to power of vitamin C. It’s an excellent natural asset to prevent and correct the signs of the ageing. It restores the skin balance, keeps its beauty and luminosity.

Intensive Collagen Moisturizing Facial Lifting

Fabulous treatment that provides a deep hydration. The collagen acts as hydrolipidic protective barrier of the skin providing the best results in a minimal lapse of time.

Paracas Exclusivities

Exclusive and innovative treatments designed by Unno Spa to give you peace and serenity during your stay.

Paracas Unno Spa

Let your body be massaged by four magic techniques that will drive you into deep relaxation wellness and serenity, achieving a perfect balance

Relaxing massage with hot packs

Ideal for muscle pain. With herbal hot packs that assembles the benefits of the massage. The heat and the active principles of the herbs that are use are a good option for the treatment of discomforts and its prompt recovery. It provides harmony, balance and health.

Ritual for Couples

This is the perfect time for two to share beauty, relaxation and love experiences. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the waves and create the perfect romantic scenario.

Couples massage

Mystic couple therapy that takes advantage of the properties of wine, to give the skin smooth and healthy appearance, accompanied by a
warm romantic atmosphere and aromatherapy, becomig the best choice of romance and relaxation.

Teenagers Treatments (13 a 17 years)

We propose spaces and treatments adapted for the young people of the house, in order to enjoy the benefits of Wellness as a family.

Teenagers manicure

Soft exfoliation with grapes that allows proper hydration providing vitamins and minerals.

Teenagers pedicure

Helping to embellish and moisturize and look radiant feet

Massage therapy for children and adolescents

Very relaxing massages with stretching that helps to have a physical and energetic balance

Unno Spa Kids (8 a 12 years)

We propose spaces and treatments adapted for the young people of the house, in order to enjoy the benefits of Wellness as a family.

Manicure kids

Provides a better moisturization of their delicate skin
with vitamins and beautiful designs

Pedicura kids

Helping to embellish, moisturize, and look radiant feet.

Avenoterapia kids

Body moisturizing for sensitive skins.

Hands and Feet

·Classic manicure
·Classic pedicure
·Polish change


·Hair straightening
·Hair brushing
·Brushing + straightening
·Hair reconditioning


·Upper lip / Armpit / Eyebrow
·Half Leg
·Full Leg


  • Jacuzzi
  • Dry chamber or steam
  • Talasoterapia